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Authentic Mexican Sobada at Serendip Spa

Discover Sobada massage with our guest therapist Itzal Persaud on 2 May 2015

Nature concept - Green forest during bright summer day

Silent Paths: a silent forest meditation with Shaku Jinsen

Sunday 26 April, 3pm to 6pm, The Sonian Forest – places are limited  

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Triple Facial Boost

Enjoy best of our unique facial treatments for best results!

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Mother’s Day Gift Cards

Set aside some special relaxing time for that special lady in your life….  

  • Serendip Spa is a luxurious holistic wellness centre, situated in the heart of Brussels at Place Stephanie. With an oriental atmosphere offering traditional and specialised treatments using ancient techniques derived from century old traditions and ancient wisdom.



    Serendip, ancient name of Sri Lanka, is the origin of the word Serendipity…which means to make fortunate and unexpected discoveries guided by your inner wisdom and your intuitions


    Our greatest wish is that everyone who enters the Spa, from any walk of life, feels removed from their every-day reality and can discover wellbeing in its purest form. The Spa provides the opportunity to be pampered, and also the environment for clients to re-discover themselves, giving succour to both body and soul. Serendip Spa combines five-star luxury in a unique space of wellness, harmony and tranquility.


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    Discover Sobada Massage, Saturday 2nd May at Serendip Spa
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    Celebrate arrival of May and discover amazing Sobada massage, a traditional Mexican treatment developed by the ancient Maya, with our guest therapist Itzal Persaud.

    Sobada, which simply means "massage" is a composition of different massage techniques that help to release pain and blockages in your body stimulating both physical and spiritual rejuvenation. It is also ideal after any strenuous activity as it works wonders on sore joints and muscles that are fatigued or injured. In this authentic treatment, the therapist focuses on your problematic area and deep massages different parts of your body. The movements are performed in a slow and gentle manner relieving any tension within your muscles. Use of various techniques serves to stimulate and align your internal organs and relieves any muscle spasm. Essential oils are also playing an important role during this treatment helping the overall healing and so is the use of sound of voice and breathing.
    This treatment is not suitable for persons with diabetes and circulatory problems (full therapy).

    About Itzal Persaud
    Having a Mayan, Amazonian, Indian and Celtic origin, Itzal started to learn about different healing techniques from early childhood. A passion for travel allowed her to discover the world and create an unique therapeutic style combining traditional approach with new essence. Now you have a great opportunity to experience her authentic Mexican treatment at Serendip Spa

    How does the pricing work?
    Enjoy a complete 3-hour Sobada therapy at rate of 325eur or shorter 90-min version at 165eur. The price includes complimentary consultation and a natural product from Serendip Store.

    Available at Serendip Spa only on Saturday 2nd May, 2015 - book today to reserve your place.


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