Foundations of Flow

2-day immersion in the foundational layers of Vinyasa Flow yoga for aspiring & existing teachers and dedicated practitioners

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Introducing Shiatsu Mondays

Every Monday starting 31 August you can soothe your mind, body and spirit with traditional Shiatsu treatment!

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Give a Gift of Wellbeing at Best Luxury Boutique Spa in Europe for 2015

Set aside some special relaxing time at the Serendip Spa & Yoga….  

  • Serendip Spa is a luxurious holistic wellness centre, situated in the heart of Brussels at Place Stephanie. With an oriental atmosphere offering traditional and specialised treatments using ancient techniques derived from century old traditions and ancient wisdom.



    Serendip, ancient name of Sri Lanka, is the origin of the word Serendipity…which means to make fortunate and unexpected discoveries guided by your inner wisdom and your intuitions


    Our greatest wish is that everyone who enters the Spa, from any walk of life, feels removed from their every-day reality and can discover wellbeing in its purest form. The Spa provides the opportunity to be pampered, and also the environment for clients to re-discover themselves, giving succour to both body and soul. Serendip Spa combines five-star luxury in a unique space of wellness, harmony and tranquility.


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    We offer a unique set of treatments from around the world — to care for your mind, body and spirit.

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    From your morning commute, to your board meeting, whether at sunrise or sunset, inside or out, yoga can be done by anyone, at anytime and anywhere.

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    Introducing Shiatsu Mondays

    Have never tried Shiatsu and wonder what is it like? We bounce into the new season with wonderful new offerings and this is one of them: Shiatsu Mondays at Serendip! Shiatsu in Japanese means "finger pressure" which is used together with stretches, palm pressure and other massage techniques to stimulate the whole body along the connecting meridians. Shiatsu is a wonderful healing art of Japan and the most fundamental way of treatment

    Every Monday starting August 31 you can soothe your mind, body, and spirit with traditional Shiatsu treatment provided by our therapist (and Zen Shiatsu specialist) Yovanny.

    Enjoy our introductory offer in month of September and pay 85eur / 125eur (instead of 95eur / 135eur) for 1h / 1h30 treatment. Furthermore Shiatsu subscription offers you a price incentive if you buy 3 or 6 consecutive treatments for a given period of time (3-month or 6-month). Limited availability.

    Learn what the health benefits of Shiatsu can do for you...

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